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Default Re: What caused my wet trunk

wow I wish I had seen this before I did it without instructions or any idea of how to get it off last wednesday... scraped off a bunch of the other sealant on there and found a couple other tiny rust spots and another gap... sealed them up with roofing tar caulking and put it back together the next morning...
anyways, i had the EXACT same problem

I drilled out those two rivets on the edge by the door too... oops. had to take my mom's car to the hardware store to get some rivets/washers to put those little brackets back on.

I also washed it the day i put it back together cause it hasn't had a bath since august, even though i knew it was going to rain that night. there has not been any more water in my trunk since.

Guess that's what I get for buying a car that had always slept in a garage...

still need to find time to jack up the front, take out that wheel well liner and figure out why the fender isn't fully secured there... it's only cosmetic so it'll prolly have to wait til i'm home for the summer in may. that's right, my summer starts may 5th!


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