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Default Re: Torque on wheel bearing bolts

I do have a 2 foot 150ft/lb torque wrench. There wasn't much room to swing it in the wheel well. Three of the bolts I could have tighened up to 92 with a lot of effort, one was a pain to get to and put that much force on it. I was more concerned about the bolts breaking. Those bolts aren't that thick. That was why the question did they have to be so tight. If it was just worry about loosening, then some loctite should fix that without the high torque.

I don't have any bucking. Everything is nice, quite and smooth. But these are the back, so maybe they aren't as critical. The fronts get changed this weekend. Maybe I'll up it to 70 ft/lb and loctite the bolts. I'll try and see what torque they are on there when I take them off.

Thanks everyone for all the info. This is a great forum.
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