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Default SL1 Automatic Issues

The transmission in my 02 SL1 is sometimes wanting to randomly jump into a really low gear even though I'm barely touching the throttle. It seems to only happen when it's fully warm, I don't have problems when the temp gauge is at 1/4 or below. If the heater is on it never gets past that point so I can drive it around forever with no issues. Another thing that happens when it warms up to that point is at idle in gear, the engine will slowly surge between 5-700 rpm, not sure if it's related if it is an electrical issue.
The car was wrecked in the front and whoever put it back together left half the bolts loose or missing, so I previously reconnected a ground strap to the computer that's next to the battery. Apparently that wasn't the whole issue. I've replaced the coolant temp sender.
Should I look at the TPS? Not sure how to check it if it's only malfunctioning intermittently while hot. Anything else I should be looking at? It's had an IAT sensor code for awhile, I thought it was only throwing the code because it was unplugged at one point but could that sensor be causing issues?
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