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Default saturn wants me to return my car, please help

Hello all,

I would like to anounce that I am a proud owner of a silver QC.

I need your help.

I bought a new QC on Friday, I decided to upgrade to one with a sunroof on Monday. I went in to exchance it and the sold me one with 17" crome wheels and the sunroof (fully loaded) for $3000 more.

The next morning they called me telling me they made a mistake and want the wheels back, They cost an additional $2,200 by them selfs.

What should I do?? They sold me on the car because of the wheels. The managers and the salepeople were all aware that the wheels were on the car before we took delivery. I assumed they were included.

What legal recorse do I have? I dont want to cheat anyone, but thats why I bought the car (the wheels).

What shoud I do???


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