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Default Re: Comparing old and new SCs

Originally Posted by Jeremy97sc
The 99+ DOHC head has more in common with the ecotec than the true LL0.

So in short, you must not have seen much when you took a look as the differences are insane.

Trust me, Ive got a 02 head and a 97+95 head. The 99+ has NOTHING in common with the early heads.
Well as I said I did notice the differance in the cam and lifters. The 99 is the only one I actually had the head off of. The 93 and 95 have never had to have their heads off only the cam covers, so I was not able to actually inspect the size of the ports to be able to make a comparison.

I have never seen an ecotec apart so I will just have to take your word for that.
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