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Default Jacking Up Hockey Puck

I’ve seen a lot of Jacking Up Hockey Pucks on Amazon after watching a YouTube mechanic say that he uses a hockey puck with a groove cut into it to give a steady cushion when jacking up cars at the manufacturer’s recommended jacking point. It supposedly/ideally avoids the weld seam from collapsing to one side From the weight which seems to be a true possibility. I am getting ready to cut a groove in my 1994 Rangers Stanley Cup commemorative Hockey Puck and drilling out some divets in the other side to sit nicely into the head of my floor jack. I also just bought a pretty substantial $12.00 rubber floor mat to sit under the jack and jack stands (after cutting into sections) to add some more stability and grip on the surface of my driveway. I have tried pieces of scrap wood only, but the splitting sounds becomes unnerving while jacking the car up. I think a combination of wood and the rubber mat will hopefully offer a nice secure solution. There are even custom rubber Jack Stand head pieces on Amazon but I will try another small chunk of my floor mat first. I’ve even considered trying pieces of carpet.

Any thoughts or experiences to share?

Also: Is there a secure and safe center point on or near the rear axle for jacking up the entire rear of our S-Series Cars?

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