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Default 2001 Saturn L300 Temp Gauge Issues + Blower Issues Help?

Hello all. New here, trying to see if y'all could assist me with this. I have just recently purchased a 2001 Saturn L300. While for the most part, everything runs great, there are 2 noticeable issues, that occur one after the other. The first issue is that, a little after the engine gets up to temperature (between 1/4 & 1/2) the needle starts jumping all over the place. And while it's doing that, the cabin blower (which is current cranked all the way to heat, because it is winter in Wisconsin, and I need my defrost and heat) will cut off at random intervals, stopping for up to 30 seconds or more, before randomly coming back on. It's most noticeable after longer periods of driving. So my main question is, what gives? Anyone have the same issue, and if so, any solution? Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: Should mention, it has a 3.0L V6. If that helps at all.

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