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2008 Astra XR
Default Re: Yet another AUX in revisit

Since I bought my Astra 'new' last Dec 20th I technically have OnStar for 2 more weeks (free).

On a serious note does anyone know where the OnStar unit is? I'd like to unplug it as to not be tracked and logged. Not to sound like the always paranoid Jesse Ventura but I don't need the Government (Partially) Owned GM being able to tap into my car, see my driving habits and lock/unlock and disable my car.

Originally Posted by MesaMike85 View Post
Haul Astra, you are my new hero.

Who here actually USES onstar? Overpriced minutes, a service I never have needed. I am sure if I wrecked it would be a nice feature... but really I don't feel its worth it.

If I knew where the wires were I'd be taking that onstar thing apart like no tomorrow.


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