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Default Re: Yet another AUX in revisit

Originally Posted by polizzi82 View Post
I've checked the Astra Owners Network and it seems they love the aux in port with leads that does not require any Tech2 nonsense...

Anyone here try it? I'm so sick of FM modulating...
I hate to break it to you, but the geniuses of Saturn locked that function out of the stereo via the firmware of the radio. The radio may have all the electrical connections, but its the firmware that runs it, and a tech2 cannot do a factory firmware update. The terminology may not be correct, but the idea is - the only way you can get the AUX IN is to import a CD30 or CDC40 that has that capability from the UK or Germany.

It's the same reason that the US version of the CDC40 actually has the pinout for the SUBOUT but doesn't actually send a signal to those pins. Already tried every option with the tech2 to activate it - no dice. Nothing can be done with it....

Now given that information, I bet there is a way to backdoor the OnStar function, but I feel that it may be a monaural output.

Best of luck, don't let us stop you from researching - you may make a breakthrough that we all missed.


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