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Originally Posted by snowwhite View Post
I DID do a search on this subject but still have a question. First, the problem. When I use my right turn signal it is blinking in the dashboard way faster than usual. From what I saw on this sight the problem is the bulb. My question is being that I was in "park" at the gas station and got out and saw that the signal worked outside, does this mean that it is NOT working when I'm traveling. I thought that is what someone said on another thread. Where are these bulbs that need to be changed? What is the deal. I don't want to get ripped off....I'm female. Sorry to sound sexist but it's the truth.
The rapid flash is because your turn signal is out. The park function uses the same bulb but a different filiment. The small or minor filiment is still intact but the large filiment is out. Turn on your turn signal and then look at the head light and the tail light from out side. the one that is not blinking needs to be replaced. The turn bulb on the head light can be removed just by turning the bulb base. You could remove the headlight if you want (I dont think it is required). The head lights come out easy by pulling out the "L" shaped pins (2) and then removing the head light from the car. Then remove the bulb by twisting. Next pull the bulb from the base and then replace the bulb. I am not sure how to remove the tail light. I think there is some screws and some nuts that have to be removed to get at the tail light bulb. If it is in the rear, post a note and ill try to see how to remove it. It might be in your owners manual.

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