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Default Re: "Owner Appreciation" Vehicle Inspection

I actually called saturn and spoke to a tech yesterday, this is what i asked him -
I am currently running NGK plugs - POWER V plugs, and i have already done he following service standard tune ups for milage issues -
O2 sensor
cleaned EGR
cleaned throttle body
new thermostat
*tech stoped me*

this is all you need to keep it up to date, when do you do your oil changes

Once every 2500 KMS as i do alot of city driving

Have you replaced your fuel filter?

the head had a complete overhal but im nto sure if the filter was replaced, it does look old however.

have you already bought a filter?


replace it... now

If this does the trick, i would seeriosuly reconsider buying anything else other then a saturn, it was quick, responsive, and he knew what i was talkin about, thats what i love to hear out of a dealer.
just thought i would give my .02$
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