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1995 SL2

If you've not replaced your O2 sensor, and it's recommended to do so btwn 30-50,000 miles, what is happening is this: The code which was sent (I believe it is a 32) indicates that the EGR is having a problem. Take it off, and most likely, you'll find that it is carboned up. (Black Soot). This means that the EGR is "sticking". If you find any carbon, clean it out and then check out the O2 Sensor. If that has not been changed, most likely it is "sluggish" and therefore in the initial phase of failing. That will result in the engine operating in a richer mode, with the evidence being reflected in your EGR.

BTW: Welcome to the site; you'll be very imressed with the input you receive.

Also, what is the mileage on your car and what maintenance have you performed on it?

Your needing a new EGR is so remote, that it borders on impossible
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