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2004 VUE Red Line
Default Key stuck after radio install

I don't know if the radio has anything to do with it, but I just installed a new radio. I had it on acc so I could set everything up and make sure it works before I put the console back together

My battery died, enough to where I can't start my car but not too much to where my radio and some lights were still on

I couldn't get my key to turn to off. So I jumped it and it starts fine, but I still can't get it out of acc.

Not sure if it's something with the radio or what. I tied the wire that goes to the brake for videos when stopped into my ref ground, so maybe that's causing trouble?

Otherwise I wired everything else up with a harness, no cutting or anything

Any suggestions? I've heard of a lever or button but don't see one to release the key

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