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Default Re: Finally! Some wheel time with the Aura!

Originally Posted by comcardi
From what I've read, the Aura technically isn't available until the Fall which is still about 2 weeks away. Saturn is suppose to do a marketing blitz to promote the Aura once the fall hits. My guess is there is limited or no advertising at the moment because Saturn wants to fill retailer lots with a decent amount of Auras before the customers start pouring in responding to advertising. I don't think it would be a good PR move to advertise a vehicle that you can only find 2 or three on the lot like they currently are.
You mean kinda like they did with the Sky/Solstice? Yeah, you still are lucky to see more than one on a lot! But, I think your theory is probably correct. When my sales guy called me Friday and said he had 3 Skys and 4 Auras on the lot, I thought to myself "Auras? They aren't even out yet, I thought?"... explains that eh?

I agree with the sentiment about reliability. The competition is pretty fierce in this market. I know most HonYota CamCord buyers want their cars to perform like their refrigerator -- silently and reliably for 10 years or better. But now GM has the 10 year, 100k warranty, so that should help assuage fears of the car crumbling in 37 months.

Tupperware cars FTW!!!


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