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Originally Posted by 4time saturn fa View Post
just FYI.....i took my outlook to get mudfaps,.....they told me about the recall with the tranny.....but they ALSO told me about a recall for the memory seat and 1 other small item that i cant remember
I believe you might be confusing what you were told or at the very least, the terms being used may need to be clarified .
Rule #1
A Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) is NOT a recall.
"Recalls" are called "Campaigns" by GM

Campaigns will absolutely affect ALL vehicles as outlined by the "Affected Vehicles" heading of the official notice. This may range from ALL vehicles of a particular platform, in a particular model year or range of years- (e.g. all 2007 Outlook AND Acadia) to a handful of specific vehicles based on VIN breakpoints. (e.g. Only Acadia models from 7J100107 to 7J100207- 100 units)
In short if you get a letter in the mail the campaign applies to your vehicle, if you didn't get a letter it probably does not- however you can provide the last 8 digits of your VIN to your dealer and they can electronically check to see if they recall applies, has been completed, or is still outstanding.

In the event of a campaign (recall) the owner of record will get an official notice to have the dealership complete the campaign. If you are bringing you vehicle to your dealership for almost ANY reason, ANY recalls/campaigns SHOULD and very likely WILL be completed.

There is no "recall" relating to ANYTHING about the seats. (there are numerous TSBs though)

TSB= Technical Service Bulletin
TSBs are technical assistance bulletins used to help the technician in rectifying certain issues, should these complaints arise. They will not necessarily affect all vehicles, and even if you have a complaint that aligns perfectly with a TSB- they are not necessarily utilized to rectify the concern. Which brings us back to Rule #1-
A Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) is NOT a recall



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