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Default Re: Performance/interior questions

Originally Posted by PurdueGuy View Post
It's a header, not headers (each assembly is a header, since we only have one assembly, we have one header).

Other performance parts without taking apart the engine... tuning. Read up on tuning. There's more power to be made in tuning than in bolt-on parts in these cars.

You could also put in a flux capacitor so you can go back to the early '90s when a biohazard theme would be cool. Though I guess radiation & biohazard themes have been played out for so long that it could be cool in a retro/ironic way...


Forgot to address the seating question - nothing other than S-Series seats is going to bolt right in. Front seats from many other cars will fit in the space, but you'll have to do custom mounting. Rear seats from other cars aren't going to swap in either. If you want leather, you're going to need to find leather seats from an S-Series, or contact Katskinz or an upholsterer.
Well my biohazard theme is a bit different. My symbol is a biohazard symbol fused with a yin Yang symbol.

On seating thats what I meant. What seats would be a good fit and add good comfort? Mounting isn't that hard for seats. Angle iron and a drill does wonders lol.

Any good websites for tuning? Or threads on this site?



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