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2003 L-Series 3.0L Sedan
Default Re: Reflash Computer

Originally Posted by satlite440 View Post
and i noticed you didn't ansewer the mantinace question??????????????? nor mention how many miles??????????
Actually I did answer the maintenance question if it was having my tranny fluid changed. See my post @ 10:45 am or here it is copied:
Yes I did have the transfluid filter changed 3 months ago and that is when the hard shifting started, sporadically, and only when the engine go too hot. They (dealership) declined to detech an engine coolant leak, brought it to my attention more than once but did nothing about it. Now there is further damage. I would never buy a Saturn again, even if they were still in business. My mechanic talked to the dealership's head saturn tech and he said they should have reflashed the computer but didn't. there are 3 TSB reports out there that GM or Saturn should have taken car of, but didn't. I have taken my vehicles to my new mechanic in the past. But since I was fighting with GM to get them to agree that there is a problem with the intermmediate shaft, steering rack, gear assembly etc (replaced 4 times in a 3 yr time period), I continued to take it to the dealership. All for nothing - they (GM) will not agree that it is a problem.

Mileage - 123,400 plus a few extra miles


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