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1997 SW2
Default Re: How To Remove Outter Door Panels & Lube locks etc - Step by Step 1997 SW2 w/ pictures

First, a common complaint of power windows is that they break when they get old. Manual windows, like my car, get harder every year to roll down. As cars age this is common and because you can't "feel" the problem with power windows / locks it cause the motor to burn out. Someone has suggested that the rubber in the windows tracks hardens over time making it harder for the glass to slide.

Second: removing the torx. This is touchon the saturn. If the head is damaged I recommend:

1. buy a hand impact tool:
"Ampro Impact Driver Set" Part Number: T71566 $19 at Kragen or same basic thing at Sears.

This tool works by striking it with a hammer, it can take sockets or screw tips on the end including a torx socket. The harder you hit it the more force it twists with - up to 200 foot pounds! The saturn poses a special problem because it the torx goes into a metal clip that clips to plastic. You might break yours. Mine was broken by a so called professional window installer. The door still stays in place and you could rig up something with metal pipe hanger strap - home depot. It it is a metric bolt and stripped badly buy the closes torx bit in SAE "american size" - I did this on my bmw when I stipped an allen bolt - work like a charm. You can alos drill the center of the bolt then grab the head with pliers. Always, use torx bits that go on a socket set don't try to do it with a scrw driver style. Check Harbor Frieght if you need cheap tools.

Third, > "Item#3 ... split the plastic push button", No I don't mean literly split but rather separate the parts. The "Head" is so think that you almost need a razor to seperate if from the the lower part of this two piece plastic pin assembly. See the first picture on my site:

I found it was best to "grab" the top piece with a thin nosed pliers, not needle nose which is too sharp, and pull down to take that inner pint out. These plastic pins can be reused but are probably designed for only one use. This job takes time so bring a small box or stool to sit on and a piece of carpet to set tools on and a tray to put the parts in. Good luck. Also, price parts and availablity in advance at the dealer. So when you find worn out parts you can just replace them and do the job right. My car had no noises or problems it was just a general preventative maintence. When I take something apart I check things out and and look for potential problems.

Originally Posted by proton777
This is great. Very helpful, thanks. I have been trying to remove the outer driver door panel to see why my power window (93 SC-2) makes an awful noise as it gets to the bottom when opening.

So, two questions. On item #2, do you have any suggestions on getting to the Torx bolt that is at the bottom right corner of the door? It's the one under the hinge. I've tried everything to get that thing out without success. Now it is in pretty bad shape.

On item #3 about the pins that hold the handle in. When you say to "split the plastic push button", are you actually breaking them? They must be broken in order to be removed, and, thus, replaced?

Thanks in advance


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