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Default Re: Ignition Lock Cylinder WIll Not Turn

Okay, that was a friggin' ordeal.
I learned stuff about cars I never wanted to know!

Anyway, once I got it back together, I had the aforementioned flashing security light.
A quick DuckDuckGo search of "saturn security light flashing" led me
to some reset instructions on this forum, which were successful for me.
I tried to post the link, but I have too few posts and am not allowed.

As a bonus, the SES light, which was on since I bought the car, is now cleared.

Another cool thing, at least for me, is that I didn't put any of
the included tumblers in my new lock cylinder, which means
I can start it with any key, or for that matter, a screwdriver.
Maybe a no-go for someone in a high-crime area, but I'm in rural Idaho.

All GM, all the time.


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