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Default Re: Just wanted to say goodbye to all Saturn fans.

Originally Posted by Bruce_Lee View Post
Ive been reading the Acadia forum on Most of the problems that I've read are regarding engine/transmission issues and 'bad' gas mileage.

On my 2008 Saturn, I used to get pretty close to the sticker (gas mileage) which was about 16 city and 24-25 Hwy.

Several Acadia owners are getting around 10 -12 city and about 16-18 Hwy. That's really bad.

When I read the location, you will see some common issues mention here (Water leak, headlight wiring harness and Transmission issues.

A better site I would look at is the and the sister sites,, and funkar is right that the problems were across the board on all the Lambdas. Gas mileage is a touchy subject as most of the problems depend on the driving habits of the owner. In town I get 13 to 14 because there is not a lot of highway driving in town here, lots of stop and go, so on... On the highway I get 22 to 28 depending on the conditions. This is what I get on my 09 Acadia with the 3.6 DI engine that I got on my non DI engine in the Outlook. I have been trouble free except for the steering shaft noise on my 09, which I also had on my 07 Outlook.
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