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Default Re: Warm Weather Failure!

Well, no success -

So, please bear with me here - I'm going to start from the very beginning of the problem and hopefully won't miss much in case someone can give me a clue or a diagnosis.

It all started last weekend. This is my son's car and he is away to college so we make it a habit of starting it and driving it around the block every weekend. Not this time! The car wouldn't start, but indications were a dead battery since all electrical was very weak and the starter motor would engage but would not crank. We jumped the battery and the car started. Drove it around the block, parked it, shut down, and restarted - all good!

The next day the car would not start and the starter motor would not engage at all. Attempted to jump without success.

I then researched mostly on this forum and concluded that, even though I'm in Southern California where we really don't have the cold weather issues, the ignition switch may be the culprit.

Without replacing the switch at first I attempted the passlock code reset procedure, but I never saw the flashing passlock icon in the dash.

I purchased a new ignition switch and installed it (by the way, for the doubters, this is a very easy job!) and began the passlock code reset procedure. This time I DID get the flashing passlock icon! But after the first 10 minute cycle I got anxious, and forgot to switch to ACC first. Thus reset failed.

But when I tried the procedure again there was no flashing icon!

Reading somewhere in these forums about reinstalling the ignition switch, I took it apart again, and reinstalled the OLD switch. Curiously, upon initiation of the passlock reset procedure I again got the flashing icon! I followed the reset procedure EXACTLY. At the end of the procedure, I turned the ignition to OFF and waited for 30 seconds. I then attempted to start again - no luck. And no flashing icon. Nothing. Power still good in battery as all electrical is working.

So I reinstalled the new ignition switch. Again obtained the flashing icon when attempting the passlock reset procedure. Followed the procedure EXACTLY and everything appeared to go according to expectations throughout the entire 30 minute cycle.

At the end I again turned the ignition OFF, waited for 30 second, and attempted to start again and was presented with ... nothing.

So, if anyone has a clue where I should go next, other than the Saturn dealer, I would appreciate any insight! Thanks everyone!


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