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Default Warm Weather Failure!

2004 Ion manual transmission.

I've read all the posts about the ignition failures in cold weather and resetting the passcode.

Details: Last weekend the car would not start, but the starter did engage. I assumed dead battery so jumped it, and eventually it did start. I drove a few miles, parked in the drive way and shut 'er down. I then started it back up again successfully. Left it parked in the driveway for the evening.

The next day I went to move the vehicle, and no start - not even a crank over on the starter. The electrics again seemed low on voltage so I attempted to jump start again, this time without success.

Bought a new battery - no change.

Researched this forum about the ignition switch and passcode reset. Since the ignition switch problem seemed isolated to cold weather (I live in Southern California and the coldest it has been this past week was 42 degrees at night) so I did NOT replace the ignition switch ... yet.

I attempted the passcode reset three times without success.

Where should I focus my next step in the troubleshooting process?

Thanks in advance.


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