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Default Re: OEM Tires out at 36K miles. Replaced with 265/60R18

I was just looking at the same tire at the same place; but was wondering if the larger size would throw off my alignment, steering, or handling? I find the same tire in the 255 size is 50-$100 more for a smaller tire; probably because theyre les popular? I also notice the that particular Michelin tire had a few warnings about deep snow and wider tires; which the 265 would be. Anyone have any experience with these tires in the Snow? I live between Denver and Colorado Springs and we do get the occassional big dumper here.

I had very good luck with Kumho Solis k21's on a quest minivan, but that was a more narrower 215 or 205. Need some advice. I got 54k on the originals and they need to be changed, quick! Thanx in advance.


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