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Idea Re: How Saturnalia helped us save $900

I have a 2000 sl2 with dual ohc with 165k miles. The car has been great no costly repairs until it started burning oil, about one quart per 1k miles and gas millage down to 23 miles per gallon from 33 miles per gallon. Changed the air filter, pcv valve and spark plugs and gained 3 miles per gallon, now 26 miles per gallon. That was 3 weeks ago, waited for warmer weather and today changed spark plug wires and up stream oxygen sensor because I was getting engine check alarm and had read on this site that burning oil will contaminate the "o" sensor. Will wait and see if gas millage improves and will update ya-all. The engine has always run very good. I have the down stream "o" sensor and will replace it with next warm day.

Thanks for this site and all of you willing to share your experiences. I am new to
Mark from Ct.
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