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2008 Outlook XE
Dizzy Re: How To: Changing the Oil in a Saturn Outlook

"I can't stress enough to any car owner to stay away from these "Shake and Bake", oil change facilities. "

SHUCKS even the GM dealerships ya got to watch out for after my experience Saturday at our 'area' one !

Paid the bill walking over to the vehicle and noticed extra chrge for another 1/2 litre ($1.87) I thought that is odd but possibly a new cash grab due to the economy !!? Anyways I turned around to confirm why . . . . my origninal CSR was unavailable but another stated (w/o knowing my vehicle) it obviously needs more than 6 lts which the base oilservice chrge covers Hmmmm, that means 6.5 litres into my engine which doesn't sound right I'm pretty sure not more than 5.5 is spec. out to my vehicle pull the manual find the specs pg. " 5.2lt. " Into service desk request a $1.87 refund and extraction of appropriate amount of oil. This original CSR (who should have known better) proceeds to belittle me and announces over PS sytem that car owner wants $1.87 of oil sucked out of engine all the while lookin' at me with daggers and she says I've never had a customer come bk in with a vehicle manual (thank goodness i did or she would have been stuck on her statements of defence, "it probably needed more" "they put in what is reqd" NOT listening to me say BUT spec. is 5.2lts not 6.5 !! . . . . . . I've noticed in past shop visits this is one who has issues and if they don't loose one customer per month due to her attitude I wouldn't be surprised !!

Anywho . . got to chat with (that same ass't re: tires/rims findings) service manager who quickly chkd things out. He came back with a combo of reasons; new computerized dispensing machine seemingly not calibrated properly ( i presumed they punch in the vehicle name for oil dispensing) and the tech had just done a larger engine which required close to 7lt . . . . {duuuuuh wakee wakee !!} ?

45 min later $2 refund and ass' service mgr saying he'll be having a chat with the CSR about her attitude towards customer.

A negative experience ya would think to only have at a " Shake and Bake, oil change facility"

Thank goodness I review my invoice for oddities in service done and price quoted otherwise this could have meant a blown seal (?) on the next road trip !!

doug c

p.s. if a 'third strike' may actually have to chk out another GM dealership 15min. further away !

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