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1999 SL1
Dizzy Cleaning the EGR valve and other questions...

I have a '99 SL1 SOHC and recently took it to the Department of Evironmental Quality to renew my registration and before they even hooked my car up and tested my emissions they told me I failed because my car was giving off power related codes. I need some help trying to figure out if there is any quick fix for these that is cheap because I am so very poor right now.

The codes are:

I've replaced the ECTS and other random maintenance as needed by myself, but I do not know a lot about cars, I'm still learning. I am trying to find a good picture or description to help me find the EGR valve so I can clean this because from what I have read that could help and I should do it anyway. I've tried the search function but couldn't find exactly what I needed.

Any help would be spectacular! I just joined because I've already been on this forum quite a few times to learn how to replace my waterpump and the ECTS, among other bits of information. It's been really helpful, thanks everyone for contributing to help new comers like me!

It might help anyone responding that I have replaced
All spark plugs
spark plug connects
timing belt
fuel filter
140,000 or so miles on it.

I don't think the little old lady I bought it from had much replaced because I have found everything to be stock parts.

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