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Default Re: What did you do to your S-Series today...

Today, finished installing the front Quick Struts on my dad’s 1998 SW2.

For the last week, I replaced a wheel bearing and power washed the rusty inside of the engine cradle on the driver’s side (will undercoat later).
De-scaled, wire wheeled then painted the engine cradle with rusty red and then gloss black.
Re-sealed dried/cracked seam sealer in wheel well using olde tube of WindoWeld. - Then painted everything, including strut mounting surface.
Also painted exposed/rusty brake lines.
New (Chinese) Raybestos Rotors and OEM AC/Delco Pads, including re-lubing the caliper pins.
New Moog Tie Rod Ends
Added more moly grease to OEM Lower Control Arm ends…and painted them (and an old decorative milk can in the yard I'm a paintin' fool).
Painted Knuckles and chipped/filed the rust off the boot sealing surfaces.

Hey! Hey! Hey!:
One side at a time...Using a JC Whitney magnetic camber bubble level, was able to perfectly match camber setting. Put car on hoist, raised it to comfortable height and un-plugged it. Zeroed bubble level on new rotor, then removed rotor to a safe place with bubble level still attached. Used a bubble level across lug nutz to keep JC Whit level perpendicular to the world.
Used same to set Quick Strut back to perfectly same camber.

Tie rod ends:
One side at a time...Using distance from steering rack boot at tie rod to edge of threads on tie rod end...
Made an adjustable gage out of bar stock held with binder clips.
Adjusted new tie rod ends to perfectly match settings prior to removal.

When he tried out his new Quick Struts, he said he could let go of the wheel and the car tracked perfectly down the road. – Steering wheel straight and everything!

Will try the same for the rear set of Quick Struts…

If the alignment is not actually perfect, it's darn close. After the springs have had a chance to settle, at least the alignment tech will only need to tweak it.


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