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GR898SL2, thank you for sharing the article! This is an interesting development. You needn't ask if GM is resurrecting the "Redline models" concept. It has been resurrected and given to the Chevrolet division! This isn't unusual since GM commonly reuses historic, and sometimes outdated model names - not that Redline is outdated - in many cases simply due to brand legacy. The name Impala, for example, has little meaning to a new generation of car buyers who couldn't care less about legacy. Use of the "Redline" makes sense for Chevrolet, but not for the other car divisions of GM (Buick and Cadillac) in North America as those are considered upscale products relative to Chevrolet. Interestingly, Cadillac has wisely chosen to drop their legacy model names and Buick has retained only one to the best of my knowledge - Regal. C'mon GM, find some more new names for gasoline powered cars apart from Cruze or the other shoe boxes on wheels. (Thus ends my rant on GM's penchant for lack of imagination about car model names. Yes, I know this wasn't the focus of your thread.)

Since Saturn's Redline vehicles were never strongly in the imagination of the car buying public - apart from those of us who followed Saturn - GM can make it look like something new roughly ten years after the last production Redline vehicle was produced and thirteen years after they first appeared on the scene. It's also possible that the re-emergence of the Redline name is an homage to Saturn and a subtle suggestion by GM to current Saturn owners to look seriously at the Chevrolet division when they consider buying a new car. (Sadly, the Saturn nameplate is likely to remain in the ash heap of automitive history.)

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