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Default knocking noise

I have a 95 SC2 saturn, I was driving it at highway speeds when I got to someones house smoke was coming out of the hood, I assumed the one oil leak had came back, so I checked my oil, it was almost at the bottom of the dip stick, I thought I was on level ground and added some oil, did not have enough to put it at the top of the dipstick, so when I went home my car was smoking and making a knocking sound...

The oil had apparently went one quart over the dip stick, but I am not sure if it was the oil that caused the knocking sound or whatever has happened earlier with the smoke. I started the car and tried to find the knocking source of the knocking sound with no luck, and there was no oil on the engine. The car was running for 5 minutes while I was looking for the source of the sound but the smoke never came back.

What should I do or look for? I have came to the understanding some cars are okay being a quart over, so I was wondering if the faster driving could have done something to it?


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