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Default Re: 2nd Gen Interior Center Console Handle 3D Print Model

Originally Posted by Zeebins View Post
I 3D printed a coin holder a while back since I didn't have one and thought it would be cool to make. It turned out pretty well, I made the hooks a little to long but i just fixed it with velcro, didn't really feel like printing another one. Problem was though that I made it when it was still cold outside. Once the weather warmed up and the car started to get 90+ degrees inside, the plastic didn't hold up to well. I'm pretty sure it only warped like that was because of the weight from the coins dragging it down due to the plastic being soft from the heat. It probably be fine today if i never put any coins in it but then what would be the point of making it, lol

Hopefully your thing holds up better than my thing did, it probably will though sense its not really holding any weight.
Did you use PLA or ABS? I would agree that the added weight probably caused the warping. I've never had experience with 3D printed models warping, though I never had them in a car on a 100+ degree day! I am making models from PLA but will be able to do ABS later, hopeful the ABS will stand up to much high heat without warping.

Second revision will be made tonight, hopefully I can fix the small issues on the first batch. Starting October, I should be able to make these in bulk, hopefully I can send them to members here, as i know not many have 3D printers that can be used.

The only issue I see is that the metal spring will differ depending on where people source it from, I may try to make the spring from something else that can easily be replicated.

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