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Default Re: Would You Buy A Saturn - Now ?

Originally Posted by davidsky View Post
Weird reason to not buy a car. "I won't buy a car from you because you make too many cars". Does it make the choice too difficult?
It's a bit similar to "I won't buy their car because they might go out of business"
I wouldn't say that I would not buy a car because the company might go out of business. In fact the opposite is more likely. Cars that were built by companies that no longer exist, are worth more today than when they were first sold, and in many cases, 100's of times more $$$
GM is in trouble and will stay in trouble if they don't change their ways. I would have thought the lesson learned when they dropped Oldsmobile would have helped them do more of the same, but it didn't.
Just proves that GM management has it's head stuck where the sun don't shine.
There is something inherently flawed in the Build Once Name Many Times sales philosophy used by many companies in the free world today. Life would be simpler if we didn't have to comparison shop for the same product with different brand names on it. I find myself doing it way too much these days just to try and save a few bucks on something I really need.
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