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Default Re: Sway Bar Link Replacement *With Pictures*

Originally Posted by Nigey View Post
A bit of thread resurrection.... My SL2 started creaking about a week ago and thanks to these forums I realized it was a high probability it was the sway bar stabilizer links. Having had SL1's before, I never knew about this part!

It's a pretty easy job (and to add to the debate, I use a jack, axle stands and big old wooden blocks, I'd never rely on just one thing, and prefer to rely on 3 things to support a car as a rule of thumb, maybe I'm a bit over cautious!). Additionally, as a cyclist I'd had an old frame that had cracked, so have used a cut tube of the frame over a wrench for leverage with great results. And I found I really needed this too to get the nut off.

One last thing: I got 2 Moog sway bar links for $11 from RockAuto (they were private label package) but was delighted to see they were actually Moog branded parts with the grease fittings. I pumped them full of grease before installing, as well as inserting a small cut plastic tube full of grease just slightly longer than the nipple over the grease nipple to protect from the weather. So for a total of $18 incl shipping, I replaced both, I have no creaking now, result and a bargain!



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