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Default Re: 2006 Saturn Relay AC Drain ~ Saturated Floors Upfront

My '07 is the same way. Water pools on the driver's side and now the passenger side. Under the carpet is a rubber membrane (for lack of a better word) which is backed with foam which is against the floor/firewall metal. The water intrusion is so bad that after removing the lower console panels I see that there is a metal bracket which supports, what appears to be a motion sensor which includes the word "YAW". I suspect it is either part of the traction control or air bag system. The bracket upon which it sits is metal. One of the four legs of this bracket is almost rusted through!

Wherever the water is getting in, it must be traveling through the foam before it exits at the base of the rubber membrane, causing water to pool where the firewall and floor meet.

As this rubber membrane/foam is one piece driver's door to passenger door, then from the floor up to God knows were under the dash. I am contemplating using a utility knife to remove the membrane piecemeal, just to see if I can find out where this drain tube is.

Any help.... any help is greatly appreciated.


This design is shared by Chevrolet Uplander, Saturn Relay, Pontiac Montana and Buick Terraza,

While the problem shows up during times of humidity and heavy A/C use, is there a possibility it is rain intrusion?

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