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2005 L-Series 3.0L Sedan
2002 SL1
Default Rear brake line replacement 2002 SL1

So one of the lines rusted through & popped a hole the other day coming home from work when I had to slam on the brakes to avoid a collision, (which I did avoid!).
I got everything unhooked today, but haven't pulled out the lines yet, ran out of daylight.

I go two new rubber lines to go to the wheels, & a roll of Brake Tubing - Universal Steel Hydraulic 3/16" from Napa.
Also got the nuts & they loaned me a flare kit.
My questions are - is one roll of 25' enough for both rear lines to the MC,
and the lines that are on there at about a foot from the end where they attach to the rubber lines at the back, the steel lines have what looks like a spring/wire wrapped around the outside of the line. The new line I have does not have that?

I've seen some threads on here that recommend the Nicopp, I can get that from Autozone here although it's more $. Would I be better off with that? Easier to bend?


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