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Default Re: 2nd gen steering wheel swap, for a 3rd gen wheel?

Originally Posted by alordofchaos View Post
You'd also have to change from the 3-wire 2nd gen horn with the integrated relay that always eventually fails, to a 2-wire horn if you haven't already done that.

Also would have to do some testing to match the wires in the cruise.

seems like there is something different in 3rd gen cruise and 2nd gen cruise (added feature? like Resume, maybe) but I cant think of it off the top of my head.

I know with 2nd gen digital odometer, if you switch from odometer to trip, shutting the car off resets it to odometer while 3rd gen remembers and stays in trip. Irrelevant, I know but there are lots of small bits that are different.
Nah I'm still rocking the factory 3 wire horn, it still works lol

I did notice a difference in the cruise buttons, mainly the 2nd gen's on/off is a literal on/off switch, where as the 3rd gen uses a momentary button...

And yes, I've noticed that about the odometer trip too! Thought I was just going crazy lol.

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