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2007 ION-2 Quad Coupe
Default Re: cruise control not working

Originally Posted by NickL30 View Post
Got an 04 Ion level 3. I bought it and the cruise did not work for me. Now my car is an auto to manual swap car and I read there is a switch on the clutch pedal that needs to engage and wondered if that was installed or if it is somewhere else. I cannot start my car without my foot on the clutch.

I know this problem also has something to do with the cars lights. I did check the one ground at the head lights on the drivers side that I could find. Sanded it shiney. Is there a ground behind the tail lights as well? Did not remove those yet and could not find a ground in the trunk for the tail lights.

Are there other locations I need to check out as well? Perhaps where the headlights plug in or behind the steering wheel?
This confirms that there is some sort of interaction going on between the BCM and the clutch switch if it is wired correctly. Do you know if the ECM was swapped or reprogrammed? If not, there's no way the ECM will allow the cruise to engage. Does the orange LED light up on the switch on the steering wheel when the button is turned on? If not, then the EPS (2A) fuse is blown or missing (which might also disable the electronic power steering).

Check the EPS (2A) and CRUISE (7.5A) fuses in the I/P fuse block. If one or the other is blown/missing then cruise will not work. I doubt this is the case, but it's worth a look. It's just hard to say what it could be. It all depends on if the manual trans conversion was done the right way as opposed to just rigging it up to make it work. Unfortunately, most folks don't go the extra mile when doing such modifications.

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