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Default Re: Rotella T Engine Oil....

Originally Posted by 97coupe View Post
You know for what it is worth, I have been "testing" Walmart SYN oil in my wifes car for about 4 years now (not a Saturn) and it has worked out well but I still change it too regularly but it is about 14 bucks a 5 quart jug or about 1/2 the price of mobile one here. I am basically a conventional oil guy here but have run some extended tests on cars over last 25 years that where bought new and started on both kinds of oil after break in. I still maintain after all of this that frequent changes is more important that whether it is SYN or dino because I have yet to wear a engine out either way that I started new with. .
Yup, another good point. The engine oils of today are very good across the board. You can take a Group III dino base oil which is marketed under a Synthetic name even though 90 percent mineral oil and it can be formulated more slippery then a PAO based Group IV bonefide Synthetic oil just by virtue of its additive package which at the end of the day trumps the base oil for wear and lubricity. The benefit of PAO based oils aside from anti-Newtonian temp viscosity relationship is resistance to viscosity/sheer breakdown over time. This only matters if you extend your oil changes which I do a bit in my Saturn. I run Mobil 1 and change it at 5K versus say 3K for a dino based oil. This improves the economy of scale of pricey PAO based oils like Mobil 1 versus conventional oil and keeps me from jacking the car up as much. A Saturn on a good dino oil will likely go 200-300K miles without taking the bottom end apart. I also run the slightly longer filter which fractionally increase sump capacity and may provide just a bit more storage for debris however not sure if it effectively filters better.
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