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So, here's an update and a response to those questions/comments posed earlier.

1) I brought my Vue in today. I heard back from them that they needed another day to "run more tests" and perform "further diagnostics." I'll call them tomorrow morning.
2) I also met with a member of the dealership management team. He heard my complaints and promised to discuss it with other dealer management today. He agreed that since my Vue has been in so many times already AND that I've already had a new transmission installed 6 months ago, I should be in line for Lemon Law litigation or some other solution, including the possibility of "Buy-back."
3) To answer another posting: I never left the service department with problems still apparent. In all cases, the problems were "solved" only to "reappear" later. That is why I've kept detailed records and lists of problems. I anticipate a long negotiation period with the dealership and Saturn Corp.
4) I plan on demanding a meeting with the regional service rep if things start to feel as though they are slipping away from me. However, I am encouraged by the process that started today.

I'll keep everyone posted.


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