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Default Re: Thinking about buying 06 Relay with 100k miles for $1800

Originally Posted by onefunkar View Post
I agree. almost all relays are 05s. the 06s and 07s seem better. you know they made changes. the 06 and 07 have 6 lugs compared to 5 on the 05s. they are a very nicevehicle. great ride, room mileage etc. too bad so many problems.
I mean, what are the odds of me getting a vehicle with a bad tranny or engine? Pretty low right?

If the engine and tranny are good, how long does the tranny usually go? 150k miles or so? I know these engines can go 250,000 plus miles

I am just wondering, if I buy this 06 relay, how much of a nightmare will it be? Flickering headlights, radio burning out and doors not closing correctly are all minor issues I can fix, however warped/broken rotors/shafts/moving parts that make cars true lemons are what scares me. How often is this seen in the relays?


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