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Dude...I personally like the new CGI picture of the SKY....That black square...perfect location for ram-air, or a TRUE cold air what if its kinda ugly...think of the benifits... its located right where the air is perfect for the engine...add a turbo...maybe an optional hardop or coupe version ala Solstice and that'd be a sweet car...ya know they will sell well...Saturn will market this thing like nothing else before because its such a big gamble for them, I remember when I bought my coupe in 99, Saturn was very OPPOSED to building a convertable because of safety issues...i.e. rollover accidents...they have embodied many different styling aspects in the new SKY design that are reminescent of the older sports coupes of the past...nice rounded lines, functionability, and it does look fast...we can deal with a little sqare hole in the hood and an instrument panel in the middle...I mean I personally don't look at the panel that much, and plus it reminds me of the center mounted panel in older cars...for instance, I have a 48 willys jeep truck...the insruments are mounted in the middle, no problem seeing them at fact a lot of people who ride in it see this as a uniqe feature...yea it may be cost saving...but remember that saturn doesn't make right hand drives anymore...sure the platform is shared with european cars, but still its an intersting idea that we may all grow to love...looking at other industries for example...most if not all aircraft have instruments centrally located, sure there are a lot more instruments, but at the same time, its not necessarily a bad thing. Anyway, I'm just ranting...go Saturn, finally something different from a "different" company. I'd drive this sucker any day.



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