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1999 SW1
Default Re: Successfully lifted Saturn Sw1

Originally Posted by DonP1 View Post
Can you provide some details on what you did?

I have a 1999 SL2 auto that runs around a farm I'd be interested in doing this to.
I managed to find a shop to fabricate some 2" spacers back when I didn't know how to weld. The spacers fit on top of the stock/aftermarket struts. After installing them I did run into some trouble with the misaligned sway bar mounts (off by 1 inch) and the Camber. A crowbar and some elbow grease fixed the sway bar issue and 4 camber bolts for the latter.

Tires are Presa's A/t 205/75r15 on 15x7 Bassett's with 3 inch backspacing. To fix the rubbing issue I had to delete those flimsy plastic wheel well splash guards and bang flat some pinch welds. Also had to trim the plastic fenders a bit for the front.

I mounted a Spod Source controller from a friends wrecked Xterra for all the LED's and other on-board junk. It runs on a 4 terminal battery for the extra accessory connection.

All in all it's really fun to drive on wooded/gravel trails. Don't count on going up wet muddy trails though, you would need an LSD. Quafe sells some for a grand and would be a more reliable option over the cheaper 'box' that mimics an LSD. Also, wire up a manual switch to turn on the cooling fan. These things tend to overheat at high load times like gunning it up inclines.

I might turn this thing into a rallycross vehicle and just buy a Suby for them technical trails all around my hometown.

1999 Saturn Sw1 3" lifted 170,000 miles - Gambler Project Car

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