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Default Re: List of open and closed dealerships

Originally Posted by sierrap615 View Post
I have heard a bit of confusion lately as to if Saturn dealerships are still open, I would like to clarify -

First remember dealerships are franchises. GM/Saturn does not close dealerships, owners close dealerships. GM/Saturn only can revoke the dealership contract to do business as a brand. Owners can and do bring in new brands or act unbranded selling used cars.

Second, GM is currently planing to support the Saturn dealer network until October 2010.

with that said, I would like to start a list of the remaining 350 some Saturn dealerships and keep track of which are open and which are closed. If you are not sure about your local dealer, please call. I have seen or heard of several people falsely assume their dealership was closed.

Southside Chicago Dealers- as of 10/28/09
Saturn of Downers Grove, Saturn of Joliet, and Saturn of Northwest Indiana are all closing their doors Friday, Oct. 30th. Saturn of Tinley Park, Saturn of Oaklawn, and Saturn of South Holland are all sister stores with the three that are closing and are staying open for the time being.

Saturn of Dundee, Saturn of Lake Barrington, and Saturn of Elmhurst are all closed, they were sister stores with Saturn of Schaumburg, which to my knowage is still open.

Saturn of North Aurora is closed, it was a sister store with Saturn of Naperville, which i know for a fact is still open.

Saturn of Countryside is closed and has been for several years (only reason I add this is because I had a customer today who thought it was still open)

Saturn of Chicago closed last year.

I know nothing about Saturn of Glenview, or any dealer on the north side of Chicago

Please add to this list with acurate info about your local dealer.

P.S. Charlie, can you please consider stickying this thread?

SATURN of Sprinfield,IL,..... set to close within a month of this post,... inventory is less than 10 modles,..


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