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Idea Re: Editorial: Saturn Heads to the Junkyard

Why is Saturn going to the junkyard? I still would like to say GM caused this demise to happen by taking it over when they were doing good as an independent company. Now what car would I get now? I have only driven Saturns as they are made in the US and gave me no drama. I gave up on Chrysler due to the fact that the Neon that I once loved let me down badly. I now own my second Saturn which is the ION after I traded in my SL1. I wish that I had kept my SL1 and owned the ION. Enough of about me, I still believe that GM should let Saturn branch off and become their own company again instead of driving it into the ground like they did the other brands that they have.

The got rid of Pontiac, which seemed to be doing good, Saab was good, and now they want to keep Chevy which is good also, however, why keep Cadillac, Buick, and the Chevy SUV's around when gas prices alone is killing the chances of these cars being sold? I don't understand why GM doesn't get rid of the upper management that they have who make this brainless decisions of how to run a company and blame the economy for their careless decisions.



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