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Default Re: headlight bulb replacement

Originally Posted by paulff3 View Post
Has anyone put better bulbs in their car? Like SilverStar Ultra? Looks like an H4 bulb. American manual does not give the specification of the bulb.
I did the SilverStar Ultras. 6 months and > 10k miles, still burning bright. The bulbs are 9005 (what would normally be high beam).

The drivers side is a little tight - expect scratches on the back of your hand. The passenger side was a piece of cake. Remove the airbox (<5 min) and there's all the room in the world.

In the US the outer bulbs are the "parking" lights. They come on only when the headlamps are on. During the day in "auto" or Off only the headlamps are on at 85% power. The bulbs are equivalent to 3157's (don't try 3156's - don't work). I replaced mine with LED's. Because the LED's draw less power, you have to put in a resistor so the system doesn't think the bulb is burned out - it will signal bulb out in the DIC and cut the power to the socket.

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