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2008 VUE 2.4L
Default Re: Riddle Me This... a 2009 Saturn Teaser

Rossao1 is right. 4 cylinders x 6 speeds = 33 miles per gallon (in Aura)

4 cylinder nonhybrid Auras will most likely achieve a 33 rating hwy mpg due to the addition of the 6 speed automatic with TapShift. The TapShift feature improves the EPA rating on FWD Vues by 1 mpg, thus it is standard on all Auras next year. These two changes improve the EPA hwy rating on Auras from 30 to 33 mpg.

If you apply similar logic to the Vue 4 cylinder, its rating with the 6 speed in place of the 4 speed would be 28-29 hwy mpg. Not too shabby.

Going a step further, if take the Chevrolet Tahoe Dual Mode Hybrid and the standard Tahoe and compare the mileage gains of its new Hybrid system over the base model proportionally with the V6 Vue, you can expect around 28 hwy mpg from the Dual Mode Vue. This is with the 3.6 VVT V6 engine. If they add Direct Injection, who knows, it may creep towards 33.

I wouldn't expect the Dual Mode Vue before Summer '09.

Any way you slice it, Saturn is doing huge things to improve the economy of its cars. It feels like we're finally a step ahead of the competition!


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