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1993 SL2
Sad Re: Changing the ECTS (Engine Coolant Temp Sensor)

I just changed the ECTS today on my 93 SL2. Just for the record, I currently have 227,000 miles on this car and the ECTS has never been changed. I changed it due to research on this site, which has been extremely helpful. My check engine light would go on randomly and my coolant temperature light would flash even more often. Also, I would experience rough idle when in Drive and stopped at a traffic light or stop sign. It feels as though the car is going to stall and I need to give it some gas. Funny thing is, this doesn't happen all the time and I haven't been able to notice a pattern. I bought the replacement ECTS at Auto Zone (part# TU227) and it is of the brass type. The old ECTS was actually in pretty decent condition, although I have never seen a used one before to compare it against. I had no problem replacing it, aside from some difficulty resetting the connector, by following instructions on this site and the Chilton's manual, but things were not so good after I started the car once done. The fan kicked on immediately after starting the engine and stayed on and the coolant light on the dash and the check engine light both illuminated and did not go out. I did have the negative battery cable disconnected while replacing the ECTS. Although I did not let the car run more than a few minutes and did not drive it, what happened? What did I do wrong? Could the new ECTS be defective? Is the connector bad? Any advice would be greatly appreciated...


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