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Default Fueling problem

From bad to ridiculous!

Since I bought my Vue, and got gas for the first time, I had problems fueling. I would fill it until the pump went off. Then slowly, pump by pump, fill it until it literally was at the very edge. This wasn't new to me because my Kia does it too. But today when I got gas, it went to the extreme. I started pumping and it stopped at .23. Ok, no big deal, the pump does that from time to time. Started again, same thing. I would get maybe .70 at a time. It can normally take 10 minutes to get gas. I just stopped at $20 because I have to work today and I only had 2 hours before I have to be there. Is there anything I can do to make the tank fill more quickly? It's ridiculous to begin with, but this is just infuriating. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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