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Default Thermostat Replacement

Some confusing information is out there on this subject.

I don' t have a question here because I fixed my problem, but I have some observations:

1. Location. Relays have different engines, and thermostat location is different, and neither is immediately obvious. 2005 Relays have 3.5 liter engines, 2006 have either the 3.5 or a 3.9 and 2007 have the 3.9. Available info generally points to where the lower hose enters the engine, which is applicable to the 3.9. The 3.5 has the thermostat at the engine coolant outlet, upper hose, what we would expect, but it is quite difficult to see. It is on the left side front-back center, and hidden by the air intake plumbing.

2. Removal (3.5 engine, 3.9 is not like this) The instructions say to take off the air hose between the filter and the throttle body, but it will still be very difficult. Take off the throttle body, easy if you know the trick. Two bolts at the top, no problem, but at the bottom there are nuts on studs with a water pipe bracket also on the studs on top of the throttle body. Remove the studs using a star socket. "Star" is the inverse of torx, in the same way a hex head is the inverse of an Allen head socket. The throttle body studs have a star end, easily removed with a star socket.

Now the throttle body will slide out from behind/under the water pipe bracket. You will see the thermostat, but it will still be a little difficult. It is behind the exhaust pipe from the front cylinders. There are two bolts, but the difficult one (lower) does not need to come all the way out, as the thermostat cover lower bolt hole is slotted. Remove the upper bolt and loosen the lower bolt enough to tilt the cover to clear the thermostat, and slide the cover off.


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