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Default Re: Is this an option for the Ion?

it depends. Can you install one yourself.

If you can you will need the remote starter/alarm, wich will run you around $80 dollars for a long range good one.

Then you will need the bypass for the "coded ignition. Wich is about $30 dollars.

You will also need a couple of relays and diodes, and about 5 hours of free time.

If you want to have one installed figure about $300 dollars minimum. Atleast around here.

I dont have one in my ION yet, but my 2000 SC2 had one that I installed. It worked so well. I just opened the door to the rear of the plant that I work in, hit the button and it would start right up. Loved it. With the ION I am going to install a Audiovox alarm. They have an upgrade you can get that allows you to call an 800 number (free for life after the purchase) and start the car with a passcode.....


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