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This question of disc vs. drum brakes is very important to me. My whole family was almost killed by drum brakes when I was a kid and I don't want them on any car I drive.

I was ready to order a new SW2 in 1996 but cancelled my plans when I found out the rear disc option was gone from the S series wagons. I like the brakes (and ABS and Traction Control) on my wagon a lot. On long trips or in huge traffic jams or in rotten weather I want their maximum stopping power. Like Jeff said, +5 feet can be all the difference (and I have had a number of close calls that were just that close). If drum brakes were "just as good" then every luxury car maker in the world would be using them and not discs on all corners.

Carmakers agonize over saving nickels and dimes, so +$100 IS a LOT. Saturn isn't the only one deleting the rear discs, but Saturn is supposed to be different. I plan to hold onto my car for as long as it is repairable - or until things change on the rear disc issue. I have made this clear to sales and service and the CAC, but so far I don't see any hope of change. The only (new) Saturn available with 4-wheel disc brakes right now is the Lx300 sedan and wagon, and I don't want the steel 1/4 panels, high maintenance engine, lesser gas mileage, and questionable quality of those models.

It will be interesting to see what kind of brakes show up on the rear of the 200HP+ ION Turbo Quadcoupe.

I think in 2003 we should all be talking about why there is no stability control available on any Saturn (even though it has been available on the Focus for a couple years). The rear disc issue should have been settled years ago. The parts were already there, the development money spent, etc.

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